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Keeping Additional Animals

There are laws surrounding how many animals you can keep, and how and where you can keep them.

You need a special permit for extra pets and it must be renewed each year.

Animal restrictions

The Amenity Local Law 2020 references keeping animals.

This protects both the safety of the neighbourhood, as well as the welfare of animals and pets. It covers:

  • numbers of animals that can live on a property
  • animal housing
  • the secure confinement of animals within the area

Keeping extra animals

An animal permit is needed if you wish to keep:

  • more than two dogs; and/or
  • more than two cats; and/or
  • more than five ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits or rodents
  • more than five large birds; and/or
  • more than 25 small birds; and/or
  • more than five poultry

The maximum number of cats or dogs that you can keep is five in total.

For example, with this permit you could have three dogs and two cats or four cats and one dog. Roosters are no longer granted a permit to reside on any land unless permitted under and applicable Act or Planning Scheme.

Apply to keep extra animals or birds

Permits are valid for the number of animals specified on the permit.

You must renew your permit each year.

Further checks and requirements

When you apply for an Animal Permit, your neighbours will be sent a Neighbour Consent Form to complete and return to Knox City Council.

A Community Laws Officer may also come to inspect your property.

Conditions for animal permits

When deciding whether to grant a permit, the Council may consider:

  • the area of the land
  • the zoning of the land
  • the reason for the application
  • the proximity to adjoining occupiers
  • the amenity (facilities) of the area
  • the type and number of animals to be kept at the location
  • the likely effect on adjoining properties/neighbours
  • the adequacy of the proposed accommodation
  • any membership by the applicant of any relevant authorised association or organisation
  • the age of the animals
  • the cleanliness of the area
  • any other matter relevant to the circumstances of the application

Animal definitions

Here are the definitions of animals listed in the Amenity Local Law 2020.

Small birds

A small bird can be of any age and includes:

  • budgerigar
  • canary
  • finch
  • any other similar size or smaller (excluding poultry)

Large bird

A large bird is any cockatoo or other bird of similar or larger size. They can be of any age. This does not include poultry.


Poultry can be of any age, and includes:

  • chickens (not roosters)
  • ducks
  • geese
  • peacocks
  • pheasants
  • turkeys
  • squab
  • guinea fowls
  • similar birds

Need help?

If you have questions about animal permits, contact us and we will get back to you.

Or call our Community Laws department on 9298 8000.

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