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CCTV camera

Visual Surveillance Devices

Visual surveillance devices are used within the community and by Council for a range of purposes, including to:

  • Support and implement broader crime prevention and reduction strategies in an identified location;
  • Enhance actual and perceived safety and security for staff and users of Council facilities;
  • Discourage damage and vandalism of Council assets;
  • Detect and manage any illegal activities occurring on Council facilities and land such as illegal rubbish dumping and graffiti;
  • Support the administration and enforcement of local laws and other legislation;
  • Monitor the use of Council land and assets such as a count of users on walking tracks or bike paths;
  • Assist with traffic planning and road management such as traffic counts on local roads;
  • Enhance Council’s biodiversity activities, such as wildlife monitoring and pest animal control in local bushland and parks;

Council has implemented a Visual Surveillance Policy to;

  • Ensure the effective, appropriate and lawful use of visual surveillance devices;
  • Inform the product selection, installation, use, and maintenance of visual surveillance devices and systems
  • Provide guidance for the use and management of data, its retention, security, privacy access, disclosure, storage and disposal of data;
  • Ensure appropriate audit, monitoring, evaluation, reporting systems and complaint handling processes; and

The Policy is applicable to:

  • A range of devices owned or managed by Council
  • Organisations or individuals with a tenancy or lease of a Council facility, wanting to install visual surveillance on or within Council buildings or land.

The policy does not apply to surveillance devices owned, installed and operated by private residents or businesses on private property.

Application to install Visual Surveillance Sevices on Council land

Clubs or organisations who wish to install visual surveillance devices on or within Council buildings or land will need to apply to Council for consent.
Applications will be considered initially by the Knox Visual Surveillance Committee with final approval being required by the relevant Director.
For further information or to make an application to install a visual surveillance device, please contact the Healthy and Safe Communities Team or email: Visual Surveillance Committee

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