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Huey’s Bakehouse pays it forward

Huey's Bakehouse Pay it Forward

Family-run bakery, Huey’s Bakehouse in Scoresby is one of many businesses choosing to ‘Pay it Forward’ by allowing customers to purchase extra items for people in need.

Huey’s Bakehouse owner, Gail Hewitt said they chose to join the initiative in August so they could give a helping hand to people that were struggling.

“We hope to help people and families who are doing it tough during these current times,” Gail said.

Customers can pre-purchase bakery goods and donate them to a collection that is made available to people in need. For one bakehouse customer, participating in Pay It Forward lead her to create a care hamper for her neighbours.

“Her neighbours were struggling after losing a job, so she decided to use the board to make up a small parcel of goodies for them,” Gail said.

Huey’s Bakehouse hopes to continue the initiative as restrictions ease and into the new year.

“We will do this with the support of our generous customers and community members,” said Gail.

Huey’s Bakehouse has been operating for 20 years, employing many staff who live within Knox.

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