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Riddell Road Kindergarten sends its thanks

Knox Police hold thanks messages from Riddell Rd Kinder students

Children from Riddell Road Kindergarten put their coloured paper and textas to work creating special cards for some of Knox’s most important front-line workers.

From officers at Knox Police Station, to members of the CFA and the local garbage truck driver, the children sent hand-drawn pictures and messages of thanks for working hard to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teacher Vanessa Payne said a conversation with one child sparked an idea that inspired the whole cohort to get involved.

“We were talking about the people who helped us throughout the pandemic and who were keeping us safe, and the conversation turned to how they could help,” Vanessa said.

“They all chose who they would draw for. We sent letters to the police, vets, hospitals, and one child even gave a card to their local garbage collector”.

Everyone who received a letter was very grateful, and almost all had replied to say thank you, with the police officers at Knox Police Station sending a photo holding their cards.

“The children were so excited when they got the photo back from the police. It has been so great that almost everyone has come back to us and they were very appreciative that the children drew for them.”

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