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Keeping the lights on for Bayswater businesses

Powerplus Energy

When storms caused widespread power outages in eastern Melbourne, several Bayswater businesses were told it could be days before the power was restored.

One of the businesses impacted was Powerplus Energy, which designs and manufactures technology for storing solar energy. Powerplus acted without hesitation and provided neighbours with free power to keep the lights on.

“It wasn’t a big sacrifice and it wasn’t hard; it was just something we could do to help our neighbours out,” said CEO, Bradley Paton.

“It’s just a reflection of small businesses in Bayswater; they're friendly, they’re helpful and we’ve always helped each other out.

“You almost feel like you’re dealing with family, instead of businesses.”

One of the businesses impacted had biomedical samples in their fridges, which would be damaged if the power wasn’t restored. Powerplus connected solar inverters from their own warehouse to the fridges, giving enough power to maintain cooling until temporary generators could kick in.

“It took the pressure off them so they had time to get the generator on,” Bradley said.

For Bradley, the joy is doing business in Bayswater and he is always happy to lend a helping hand.

“They gave me some Turkish delight as thank you, which was a bonus,” he laughed.

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