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Handmade thanks to medical staff from The Fields Kindergarten

Thank you Nicole

Children at The Fields Kindergarten in Rowville have been getting creative and sending special messages of thanks to frontline workers at Monash Medical Centre.

The children sent hand crafted cards and chocolate gifts to medical staff, to say thank you for their hard work and to give back to those who are risking their lives to help fight the virus.

President of the Kindergarten’s Parents Group, Kristy Powell said the idea was formed when lockdown cancelled their fundraising plans.

“We had already purchased chocolate fundraising boxes, but we weren’t allowed to complete the fundraising. So instead of the chocolates going to waste, we thought we’d say thank you to the first responders and brighten up their day,” Kristy said.

The children wrote cards and coloured in pictures for the first responders. While they were unable to hand-deliver the gifts, they were very much appreciated by staff.

“The children did really well, and they enjoyed creating the artwork,” Kristy said. “The first responders were very excited. They sent through the photos and thanked the kids, who enjoyed seeing that."

Spare chocolates were shared with the families to enjoy, and unopened boxes gifted to Monash Medical Centre, Rowville Police Station and Rowville CFA.

While the Parents Group found it important to say thank you to first responders, they also wanted to teach the children more about the role these jobs play.

“We wanted to normalise the children’s views of first responders’ jobs and view them more in a positive light - not just for when something goes wrong.”

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