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Library deliveries bringing comfort and connection

Library delivery note

When local resident Tara was self-isolating in preparation for surgery, she received notification from the Bayswater Library that her reserved items were ready for collection. As she couldn’t leave the house but was looking forward to some literary distraction during her recovery, Tara arranged for the books to be delivered to her home instead.

What she didn’t expect to receive was a handwritten note of well-wishes from a library staffer and a ‘bonus’ book added to her order, selected just for her based on her previous loan history.

Library team member Candice, who now works at a different branch, said she recognised she and Tara had similar reading tastes, so felt she could make some recommendations.

“I saw one of the books she’d reserved was one I’d also had on hold,” said Candice.

“She’d only borrowed two books and I thought if she was going to be laid up for a few days recovering, she could do with more.”

“I looked at her loan history and could see we’d borrowed some similar things, so I gave her an extra title I thought she might like.”

Tara said the gesture had given her a sense of connection and care in otherwise isolating times.

“It really made me feel part of a community, and that someone was thinking of me,” she said.

“It's these small acts of kindness, during these strange times, that make me feel grateful to live in Knox.”

Candice explained that many library staff had been enjoying the chance to be creative in serving customers and library members during COVID-19 restrictions.

“We’ve had a few orders come through saying ‘surprise me with a book’ and it’s been a fun opportunity to make some recommendations. This doesn’t happen as much when people come in and browse,” she said.

“I think the team has really taken pride in this and it’s always nice to put a smile on someone’s face.”

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