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Neighbours celebrate an 80th birthday milestone

80th birthday
80th birthday
80th birthday

For local resident Jean, one disappointment of lockdown was missing her 80th birthday celebrations. Instead of a dinner with her family at her favourite restaurant, Jean faced cancelled plans and a birthday at home.

Luckily, even though Jean couldn’t go to a party, the party came to her thanks to her creative and caring neighbours. Vanessa and her family got up early in the morning and decorated Jean’s front porch before going to work for the day.

The decorations included comical signs such as “Quarantine 80th Birthday Party – None of you are invited!”

When a florist arrived later in the day to deliver a bouquet from Vanessa, he was initially startled by the sign and scrambled back to the car – a sight which gave Jean a laugh and a funny anecdote to share with her family and friends as they called to wish her a happy birthday.

Even though milestones and celebrations haven’t looked the way we’re used to this year, small acts of kindness have gone a long way in keeping people connected. As Vanessa said, she just wanted to “bring a smile to Jean’s face.”

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