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Reverse Advent Calendars focus on giving

Reverse Advent Calendar
Reverse Advent Calendar
Reverse Advent Calendar

The spirit of Christmas is in the air, and for those in a position to give this year, it is a perfect time to make a difference to a family in need.

‘Reverse Advent Calendars’ turn the traditional ‘25 days of chocolate’ idea on its head and instead focus on collecting and donating non-perishable items to community members experiencing hardship.

Households are encouraged to start with an empty box, adding one donated item for each day of the 25-day Reverse Advent Calendar until a generous hamper has been filled and is ready to donate.

Foothills Community Care is one organisation distributing Reverse Advent Calendar donations, with final boxes due by 18 December to one of several collection points.

CEO Stephen Barrington said the reverse advent calendars will be turned into hampers and distributed to attendees at their Christmas Eve luncheon, as well as participants of the Community Casseroles deliveries program or the Domestic Violence Support program.

It’s not too late to catch up and donate to Foothills’ Reverse Advent Calendar drive, or consider creating your own collection box and finding a local charity or service provider to donate to.

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