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Fall seven times, get up eight

Eva and son

Bayswater resident Eva, has had a lot of obstacles to overcome. She was diagnosed at 20 with a degenerative disease and spent 18 months unable to move, 3 years in a wheelchair and after 4 years of physical therapy has learned to walk, talk, write and eat again. Then in 2015 she was hit by a car, which left her with brain, sight and hearing damage, limiting her capacity to do the things others do with ease.

But this Dja Dja Warrung woman has a fighting spirit, living by the motto ‘Fall seven times, get up eight’. She has assembled a team of professional health care providers around her such as surgeons, occupational therapists and speech therapists etc to work together to support her. Of her 3 carers, one is with her everyday. And she focuses on what she can achieve.

‘Even when you are at the bottom of the barrel, don’t lose hope, someone is always there to help you,’ she says.

A staunch advocate for disability rights and those in chronic pain, she mentors other people with a disability. She tutors in American Sign Language. She’s a professional photographer, holds a truck licenses and is an avid learner.

‘Having mentors myself has really helped me. It’s important to your sense of self worth and ability to cope with situations that arise,’ she said.

She’s looking forward to more campaigning for disability rights and hopes to study as a disability advocate next year.

‘It’s what I live for,’ she said ‘I love advocating for the people of Knox. I want there to be better knowledge and understanding of disability.’

Next year, she’ll continue to be kind to herself by getting out more, COVID permitting, and assisting more people on their journey. With planned travel, study and being a mum, she will be busy.

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