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Handmade masks replace wasteful disposables

Mask Swap

Face masks have become the new staple accessory for Melburnians, but while they are made to protect the community, in some areas they’ve begun to create a litter problem.

When Rowville resident Angela noticed disposable masks starting to scatter the streets, she was determined to find a way to help.

“I noticed that a lot of disposable masks were discarded in the environment and had heard that it was impacting wildlife. I wanted to stop this from happening.”

Angela began making masks for family and friends, but still noticed quite a lot of people walking past her house in disposable masks. This inspired her to extend her initiative to the local community.

“I wanted to stop people from wearing disposable masks, so with some spare material I found, I made masks and put them at the front of my house with a sign telling people to help themselves,” Angela said.

The response was great and after making over 250 masks, Angela started receiving donated materials for the cause.

“People would take a mask and then come back a few days later to donate money or material to help me make more.”

“My kids get really excited when they see people walk past our house wearing my masks. I’m just trying to do my bit for the Rowville community.”

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