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Street libraries bring culture of sharing to Rowville

Rowville Street Library Willow Ave
Rowville Street Library Lakeview Ave
Rowville Street Library Bexsarm Cres
Rowville Street Library Karoo Rd

After Rowville local Becky Walls and her husband both lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they decided to use their spare time to make the first community street library.
Posting on the Virtual Village Rowville Facebook group asking for donations, Becky was surprised by the interest from locals to create libraries in their front lawns.

“We were inspired by the library movement that’s popular world-wide and the idea around a sharing economy,” Becky said.

"We live in a cul-de-sac, so there’s hardly any foot traffic. The idea was always to find a custodian who could take our street library.”

The first library launched in July and all have had positive feedback from the community.

“Each has its own different flavor,” Becky said.

“For example, the street library on Karoo Road is near a school, so there’s quite a lot of kids’ items and cookbooks for parents. The one on Lakeview Avenue has a lot of lemons and seeds – we must have a lot of gardeners around there!”

The libraries have also allowed Becky to form new skills.

“It was good for me – I learnt how to use power tools and it was quite empowering. I like how I don’t need to rely on my husband anymore to do it,” Becky laughed.

Becky created the Virtual Village Rowville Facebook group to connect local residents during COVID-19 restrictions.

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