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Building resilience and connections

The Basin Neighbourhood House

Many people, particularly after the challenges of the last 12 months, sometimes find they’re low on resilience and optimism.

Recognising this, the Basin Neighbourhood House developed the Resilience, Realign and Reconnect sessions in late 2020, to build coping skills in the community.

The weekly Zoom sessions were popular throughout the Christmas and New Year period – reinforcing that it can be a tough time for some – and have brought together a diverse range of people aged from their early 20s to their late 70s.

“We discuss coping styles, resilience building and reflective practices in a safe environment where self-help is the key,” says House Manager Heather McTaggart.

“People feel free to openly discuss their insecurities, anxieties and fears in these unpredictable times. They are there for each other and listen with care and compassion – it’s a completely non-judgmental platform.”

“We support our participants to explore the traits and skills required to rebuild their personal capacity to reconnect to their community. We focus on finding a sense of purpose, problem solving, establishing goals, embracing change, being optimistic, and seeking out daily practices of gratitude, empathy and mindfulness.”

Most participants have an affiliation with The Basin Community House and its programs, and have referred others within their community to join the informal sessions. Support networks have formed within the group, which further reinforces individual resilience beyond the sessions.

The program is informal and safe and welcomes participants from all walks of life, with all abilities.

“Some people choose not to use their camera or audio and will listen and interact if they feel safe to do so,” says Heather. “Other recipients feel free to share their tips. It is inclusive, meaningful and enjoyable.”

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