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Food packaging for a cause

Confoil casseroles

In a perfect partnership between Foothills Community Care (FCC) and Confoil, a significant program has been efficiently providing nourishing food to community members in need.

For more than five years, local family-owned business Confoil has been donating their food containers as a packaging solution to the Community Casseroles program run by FCC.

“Confoil is proud to support the wonderful work that Foothills does in our local community by donating our food containers to their cause in order to assist,” says Meri Boric, Marketing Manager at Confoil.

“We believe it is worthy to support local causes where we can, where our products are fit for purpose and provide a real connection to the preparation and serving of food for those in need.

Confoil donates its recyclable aluminium wrinkle wall trays with board lids, which can be easily filled and secured, stored in the fridge or freezer, and can identify the contents by marking on top of the lid.

“Our food packaging trays and containers help FCC prepare, store and serve meals in a timely manner. They provide a convenient option as they’re able to freeze and deliver meals needed,” says Meri.

While COVID-19 put pressure on many aspects of the community, for Confoil and FCC, there was increased demand for food while having to continue ensuring the safety of customers and the workforce.

“We needed to be extremely mindful that some of our customers across the food industry were facing very challenging times also, so we worked with them to help prioritise what they needed and when they needed it.”

Confoil has been a proudly Australian-owned and operated business for over 50 years. Over time, it has expanded its manufacturing to a diverse range of products consisting of over 350 individual food packaging items.

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