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Mobile café spreads happiness

Little Happy Hut mobile cafe
Little Happy Hut mobile cafe

Little Happy Hut, a vintage style mobile café, has been spreading its happiness in Bayswater in recent months through the Pay It Forward initiative.

Inspired by their enthusiasm to put a smile on their customers’ faces each day, Little Happy Hut introduced Pay It Forward during the early days of COVID-19 restrictions.

“Some customers would come for a chat, some seemed sad, fed up and needed to get out and it was evident some didn’t have much money to spend,” says Little Happy Hut owner Kim.

“We heard some emotional tales during that time, we had built up regulars and an overwhelming support and so we decided it was time for us to give back.

Kim says the Bayswater community has responded in a very positive way to their promotion of the initiative on social media.

“The response was overwhelming. At one point we had over 50 business cards with how much they had donated.

“The contributions we received were daily and in abundance, people’s kindness was touching. The contributions weren’t small either, they ranged from $10 to $50.

She said it was lovely to see that the recipients were varied in age and came from different walks of life.

“One customer would go past with her cat in a trolley,” says Kim. "She never asked for anything but we got to know her and always made sure she got a large hot chocolate and some days a jaffle.

“On one occasion, our customers caught wind of the situation and donated large bags of cat food and tins. She had tears in her eyes when we gave it to her.

“Another customer would come by to get his hot chocolate, often with sad eyes and no smile but was always incredibly polite and well mannered.”

Kim believes that COVID has shown just how fragile life can be and how challenges can arise at any time.

“Go spend more time with friends and family, spend time together making memories and always be kind!”

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