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Gifts that warm the body and heart

U3A quilts

Twenty-four colourful quilts have been donated to children and teenagers at Austin Hospital, thanks to members of U3A Knox quilting group and Lilly Patches Quilt Shop who generously gifted throwovers.

In the last few months, the Austin Hospital has received approximately 60 quilts from the group, who devote their spare time sewing them to help brighten up the lives of people in need.

“We could see there was a need to brighten up the rooms in Marion Drummond Child and Adolescent Units and wanted to help make it look and feel homelier and inviting for clients,” U3A project coordinator, Linda Burgdorf said.

Taking hours to make, the quilts vary in patterns and colours with some being subdued and others bright depending on the individual making it.

“I personally love making conversation prints for the children,” Linda said. “I might add a train, fruit, bird or vegetable in there, anything that might spark conversation with the kids.

“They’re a unique gift to these clients as it’s something tangible they can wrap themselves in throughout winter, feel cosy, comforted and safe. They all just appreciate at them so much.”

U3A continue to work on another quilt collection for the hospital in the near future, just in time before the cooler months set in.

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