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Five Star Energy Rating

The Five Star Energy efficiency standard is an important change for the building industry, one that provides industry with the means to actively respond to the challenge of climate change in a way that benefits consumers, the environment and the Victorian economy.

The new standard will be based on a performance assessment of the energy efficiency of house fabric using House Energy Rating software.

All new dwellings are required to comply with the measure set out in the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

These requirements apply to new dwellings only compliance with the requirements of Victorian additions V 1.2 of the BCA is required for additions, alterations and re-erection of existing dwellings.

These requirements have four primary objectives:

  • Improving the energy efficiency of the building fabric of houses to save energy and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Delivering economic and consumer benefits for homeowners and Victorians in general by reducing energy consumed to heat and cool our homes.
  • Slowing rapid growth rates in domestic energy consumption and peak energy utility loads.
  • Cushioning the state‚Äôs homeowners against escalating energy prices.

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