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Asset Protection Inspection, Protection of Public Assets and Site Management Guidelines

Asset Protection - Building Works Site Protection

Council is responsible for the coordination and care of Council’s physical assets to ensure that they provide an appropriate level of service for the Knox Community. These assets include roads, footpaths, shared paths, drainage, buildings, playgrounds, bus shelters, street trees, parks and car parks.

Asset Preservation officers administer works by builders, developers, service providers and residents to ensure that all works conform to Council's standards and specifications and that existing assets are maintained in a satisfactory condition whilst development of the municipality continues.

In accordance with the Amenity Local Law 2020, a Asset Protection (non-refundable) Fee is to be lodged with Knox City Council as part of the building works process as of 1 July 2020. This fee allows Council to undertake both a pre and post inspection to ensure that building works associated with construction do not impact on the integrity of Council Assets.

Please note that no building works may commence until this fee has been paid to Council and a pre site inspection has been conducted. Penalties apply under the Amenity Local Law 2020 should Council not receive this fee.

To view a copy of the Amenity Local Law 2020 click on the link below.

What is Asset Protection?

Asset Protection is a process applied to building and planning permits to ensure that Council’s assets located within the Road Reserve can realise their economical life. The process is applicable per permit, not per property. Property owners constructing via multiple permits on the same property may in fact be required to pay multiple fees.

Asset Protection is triggered automatically upon Council’s receiving of a Notification of works (Section 80) on a Building Permit via a Private Building Surveyor or a Building Permit from Council’s own Building Surveyor. An Asset Surveillance Officer will inspect Council's assets adjacent to construction zones prior to works commencing; observing and documenting all existing damages.

You will not be held responsible for this pre-existing damage, however should Council’s assets be damaged or compromised as a direct result of building or construction works, the Officers may to order reinstatement or repairs of those assets to Council’s standards in order to ensure their integrity.

The details of this inspection are included on the Asset Protection Invoice which is mailed directly to the property owner.

No works may commence on site until the Asset Protection Invoice is paid.

The inspectors will again be automatically triggered to inspect the site once Council receives the Notification of the Certificate of Occupancy (Section 73). If further damages are noted in this inspection, a ‘Notice to Repair Council’s Assets’ will be issued to the property owner, allowing them 30 days to make the appropriate repairs to assets following Council’s Standard Drawings.

To make repairs, an application for a "Road Opening Permit is required. Go to the Works within a Municipal Road Reserve page to apply.

Who is responsible for Asset Protection?

All Council correspondences are sent directly to the property owner. Council does not get involved with contractual agreements between property owners and their contractors. It may be stipulated in the works contract that the contractor will pay the Asset Protection fee and cover the cost of all repairs; however it is up to the property owner to forward any correspondence to their contractor and ensure all fees, bonds or infringements are paid within the required time frames.

How much does Asset Protection cost?

The Asset Protection fee payable to Knox City Council is $187.00.

Any repairs required to Councils assets are to be made at the property owner’s expense. The Road Opening Permit that is required for any works (including repairs) to be completed in a Council road reserve costs $187.00 and is valid for 90 days.

Is there a bond to be paid?

Knox City Council does not charge a bond as part of the standard Asset Protection Inspection process. The Asset Protection Inspection Fee is a non refundable fee.

Bonds that may be applicable by Council are for the following works:

  • A bond is required if access via Council land is needed to conduct works on private property.
  • A bond is required if building materials are to be stored in a public place.

All bonds are fully refundable upon reinstatement of Council’s assets to the satisfaction of Council.
These bonds are considered on an individual basis and must be applied for. Should officers determine that these bonds cannot be granted, alternative arrangements must be made.

Please refer to the following Council Reserve Access Form and Works within a Municipal Road Reserve Form.

Pay your Bond Invoice

Site Management Guidelines under the Amenity Local Law 2020

Knox City Council's Amenity Local Law 2020 has been established to:

reduce the damage to public assets and reduce pollution from building sites throughout the municipality and
prevent damage to public assets and the environment.

Land owners and builders are required to use practices which prevent pollution leaving their building site (i.e. litter and sediment).

Please refer to our Amenity Local Law and Policy Guidelines page.

Best Practice Guidelines for Building Site Management are available from the Planning and Building Counter at Knox City Council.

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