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Procedure for Council Meetings

Governance Rules

Council meetings are conducted in accordance with Council's Governance Rules.

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The Mayor of the Day chairs Council meetings. If for any reason, the Mayor is unable to attend a Council meeting, the Council must appoint another Councillor to act as Chairperson for that meeting.

Composition of Agenda

The agenda for a Council meeting is divided into several sections some of which are outlined below:

Procedural Matters

This sections deals with apologies for non attendance by Councillors, requests for Leave of Absence, Declarations of Pecuniary Interest, Confirmation of Minutes, Petitions and Memorials.

Councillor Reports

This section deals with verbal reports by Councillors of the various Committees and meetings they have attended, as well as ward issues.

Officer Reports

These reports form the main section of the agenda and comprise reports submitted by Council Officers for consideration by Council.

Public Question Time

Attendance at Council meetings is restricted due to COVID-19 with limited public attendance. Meetings are live streamed on Council’s website.

Public questions will need to be submitted prior to 12.00pm using the online form or by 7.15pm in hardcopy at the meeting. Please note that with an evolving COVID-19 situation these arrangements may change.

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For more information

For further information regarding Council Meetings, please contact Council's Customer Service Team on 9298 8000 or email

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