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Planning Scheme Rewrite (Amendment C150 2015)

The Planning and Environment Act 1987 requires Council to review its planning scheme approximately every 4 years. Amendment C150 to the Knox Planning Scheme has been prepared in accordance with this requirement.

Amendment C150 restructures and updates the local section of the Knox Planning Scheme, including: a new Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS); new and updated local policies; updates to some zone and overlay schedules; updates to some particular provisions; and some map changes.

Amendment C150 is a result of the recommendations of the Knox Planning Scheme Review 2015, which was adopted by Council on 26 May 2015.

Current Status

Council considered the Planning Panel Report at its meeting on 22 May 2017, and resolved to adopt Amendment C150 to the Knox Planning Scheme in accordance with the Planning Panel recommendations. The amendment was lodged with the Minister for Planning for approval.

A copy of the agenda and minutes from the 22 May 2017 Council meeting are available at or via the link below.

Amendment C150 was subsequently gazetted by the Minister of Planning on 14 December 2017, and has been incorporated as part of the Knox Planning Scheme. The approved documentation can be viewed at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s website.

What has changed?

The key changes are:

  • 1. A clearer and less repetitive Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) setting out Council’s vision for land use and development in Knox. The revised MSS will guide decision making on planning applications and sets out ways to address issues such as housing growth, liveability for local residents, and managing activity centres. A new Strategic Framework Plan for the municipality forms part of the vision outlined in proposed Clause 21.02.
  • 2. Introduction of four new local policies on advertising signs, non-residential uses in residential areas, gaming machines, and environmentally sustainable development.
  • 3. Some updated zone and overlay schedules to improve clarity and reduce red tape.

A more detailed summary of the changes is contained within the Explanatory Report or from the amendment documentation which can be downloaded from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s website.

Why is Council doing this?

Amendment C150 will help Council implement key recommendations from the Knox Planning Scheme Review 2015. It will also bring the Planning Scheme in line with State planning policy and Council’s current strategic direction and plans. The Amendment also addresses some policy gaps.

How does it affect me?

The MSS and local planning policies provide a vision and policy direction for land use and development in Knox, whilst the zones and overlays trigger the need for planning permits and provide more specific planning provisions.

Council will assess any planning permit application against the MSS and local policies, as well as the zones and overlays. Proposals that are inconsistent are likely to be refused by Council.

Where can I get more information?

Need help?

Contact Strategic Planning Lodge a request and we will get back to you or call our City Futures Team on 9298 8000.

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