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The Basin Community House, 1221 Mountain Hwy The Basin - Rezoning (Amendment C161 2018)

The Planning Scheme Amendment

Council resolved on 26 June 2017 that its facility at 1221 Mountain Highway, The Basin is surplus to its requirements following the intention of The Basin Community House to relocate from the site. The facility will now be prepared for sale. As part of this process, the facility must be rezoned.

Council proposes to amend the Knox Planning Scheme through Amendment C161 to change the zoning of 1221 Mountain Highway, The Basin from a Public Use Zone Schedule 6 (PUZ6) to a Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ1)

Amendment C161 will also address an apparent zoning anomaly where an adjacent property at 1223 Mountain Highway is zoned for Public Use despite being a private residential dwelling.

Amendment C161 also proposes to:

  • Replace Schedule 4 to the Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO4) with Schedule 3 to the Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO3) for the land at 1221 and 1223 Mountain Highway, The Basin.
  • Apply Schedule 2 to Design and Development Overlay (DDO2) to the land at 1221 and 1223 Mountain Highway, The Basin.

At Council’s meeting on 27 November 2017, Amendment C161 was adopted, and sent to the Minister of Planning for approval.

If you have any questions about this matter, please contact Council’s City Futures Team on 9298 8000 or email

The Basin Community House project

The Basin Community House currently operates out of Council’s property at 1221 Mountain Highway, The Basin.

In April 2016, the State Government committed $2million to fund the construction of a new community house off Liverpool Road on The Basin Primary School site. The State Government also asked Knox City Council to contribute funding to this project.

Council is supporting the development of a new purpose-built community facility for The Basin Community House on The Basin Primary School. This project is a partnership between Knox City Council, The Basin Community House and The Department of Education and Training.

As the Community House is planning on vacating its lease at the Council property at 1221 Mountain Highway, the facility will become surplus to Council’s needs. The rezoning and sale of 1221 Mountain Hwy, The Basin will enable Council to contribute to the relocation and re-establishment of The Basin Community House.

What is the Basin Community House?

The Basin Community House Inc. is a not for profit organisation providing a diverse range of programs and services which respond to the changing needs of the local community including adult education, recreational courses and support groups.

Why construct a New Basin Community House?

The Community House has been operating out of the Council-owned facility at 1221 Mountain Highway, The Basin since 1989. This facility is a small, refurbished residential house with site and accessibility constraints that limit the Community House current and future activities. Parking in particular has always been a limitation for this site.

In planning for its future, The Basin Community House has successfully advocated to the State Government to provide funding for a new purpose-built facility.

Need help?

  • For information on Amendment C161 lodge a request and we will get back to you or call our City Futures Team on 9298 8000. Contact Strategic Planning
  • For information on The Basin Community House project, please contact Council’s Social Planning team on 9298 8000.
  • For information on Council’s property sales process, please contact the Property Management team on 9298 8000.

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