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Millers Homestead in Boronia

Millers Homestead, 30 Dorrigo Drive, Boronia – Rezoning (Amendment C171 2018)

Council at its meeting on 27 August 2018, resolved not to proceed with proposed Amendment C171 (the minutes to this meeting are located below). The Minister for Planning has been notified that Amendment C171 has been withdrawn.

Amendment C171 proposed to update the Heritage Overlay that applies to the site (HO25), and to rezone the site to a Neighbourhood Residential Zone.

Updating the Heritage Overlay (HO25) and fixing the zoning anomaly (currently two zones apply to the site) will be included in a future Planning Scheme Amendment.

What happens next

Council has resolved to undertake a comprehensive consultation process with the Knox community to inform further investigation into the possible future uses for the Millers Homestead site. A report will be presented back to Council, following the conclusion of the consultation process.

Where can I get more information?

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