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Service Updates

We are prioritising critical services and some services may be reduced. This means there will be longer wait times for customers contacting us by phone. Many of our services are available online. Advice on which services can continue is changing rapidly. For regular updates, go to

Knox Community and Council Plan

The Community and Council Plan 2017-2021 is our commitment to make Knox a great place to live, work and visit.

We created the Plan with our community and identified eight goals to focus on for the future. These goals guide Council's current activities, policies and programs of work.

View the Community and Council Plan 2017-2021

Vision for Knox - Community Forum

We need your help to develop a Community Vision for the next 10 years.

Join us at one of three (90 minute) online community forums where you can share and discuss your aspirations for the future of Knox. Our aim is to create a draft vision statement and goals for the Knox community to achieve over the next 10 years.

Come along and tell us:

  • How you want Knox to look and feel in 10 years
  • What sort of community you want to live in
  • What do we all need to focus on to make Knox a great place to live

Wish for Knox

Earlier this year, at the Knox Festival and via our website, we asked you for your one wish for Knox. These wishes will help us plan for the future. The wishes covered the things you love about Knox and what you want to see more of. The most common topics were:

  • Outdoor facilities (eg. playgrounds, parks, open space, dog parks, water parks)
  • Travel (eg. public transport, traffic, bike paths, roads, footpaths, parking)
  • Community (eg. events, support, inclusion)
  • Environment (eg. trees, wildlife)
  • Family (eg. support, events, children)

Here’s some of what you had to say:
“To be peaceful & plenty of open spaces for kids & animals”
“The Burwood Highway tram to go all the way to Knox Shopping Centre”
“Connected communities where everybody, regardless of ability, is welcomed”
“More mental health & family assistance”
“For dragons to be real and you'd be able to ride them and train them”
“More smiles!”

What’s next...

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our community engagement will look a little different for the time being. We are currently working on the best way to keep having conversations with you about Knox’s plans for the future. Stay tuned to see how you can contribute and sign up for our newsletter here.

About the Plan

We created the Community and Council Plan with you, our community. The Plan is a roadmap for Council, community, local groups and businesses to improve life in Knox.

It outlines our community's priorities and meets a legislative need for a Council Plan and a Municipal Public Health & Wellbeing Plan.

Eight goals for success

The Plan sets a vision for the City of Knox and, with the community, we identified eight goals that will help us achieve that vision:

  • Goal 1 — We value our natural and built environment.
  • Goal 2 — We have housing to meet our changing needs.
  • Goal 3 — We can move around easily.
  • Goal 4 — We are safe and secure.
  • Goal 5 — We have a strong regional economy, local employment and learning opportunities.
  • Goal 6 — We are healthy, happy and well.
  • Goal 7 — We are inclusive, feel a sense of belonging and value our identity.
  • Goal 8 — We have confidence in decision making.

Developing the Plan

Detailed research, community feedback and the following reports shaped the Plan:

Midterm Review

Council reviewed the Plan in 2019. During the review, we checked in on the progress of the plan and identified the following changes in Knox:

  • Our community is growing
  • Our population is approaching an even split of older and younger residents
  • Our diverse population continues to increase
  • Housing choice is improving
  • Knox residents seek to improve their qualifications
  • Local employment is increasing

Want to know more?

If you have questions about our Community and Council plan, email and we will get back to you.

Or call our Strategy and Business Intelligence team on 9298 8000.

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