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Early Years Preschool Parent Groups

Parent group model

From 2019 Knox Council will operate under the State Government Early Years Management Framework and Parent Groups will replace the current committee structure..

The Parent Group model provides parents a greater opportunity to become involved in the care and education of their children by:

  • participating at their local preschool
  • connecting with families at other preschools in their local area, and
  • supporting Council in municipal-wide objectives for children and families.
Proposed parent advisory group structure

The model looks like this:

Preschool level

Parents are involved at their local preschool through program support, fundraising and social events.

Local working groups

Parents have opportunities to participate in joint projects, community capacity building and inclusion and building local partnerships. This promotes equitable access and inclusion across a cluster group.

Early Years Management Advisory Group

This group facilitates two way communication between Council and Parent Groups. The group comprises a representative from each preschool level and focuses on access, participation, integration and service system improvements to meet EYM objectives,

Parent Group guiding principles

  • Identity and sense of place with local preschools/neighbourhoods
  • Inclusion, through parent-to-parent support
  • Developing skills and capacity in individuals
  • Contribution to the preschool program
  • Advocacy and representation – parents/families to educators and vice-versa
  • Equitable access to preschool for children
  • Building local connections
  • Consistency with the EYM Policy

More information

If you have a specific question about the new Parent Group model, please contact us via email

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