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Framed by Gender

Disrupting Gender Stereotypes through Art

Coordinated by Knox City Council supported by VicHealth and in partnership with many community organisations and local groups, Framed by Gender included art installations and a program of innovative workshops that used art as a medium to engage in conversations about gender equality with the Knox community.

Over the month of November 2019, Boronia Library was activated by artist Anna Farago and Boronia Mall by The Hotham Street Ladies. Guided by local social change agencies, these nationally acclaimed artists invited audiences to explore gender stereotypes and roles, gendered spaces, and concepts of privilege and respect. The program also included a variety of targeted workshops with key groups in Knox.

Together, these projects aimed to disrupt, explore and positively reframe notions of equality.

Framed by Gender featured artists

Artists HSL

The Hotham Street Ladies

The Hotham Street Ladies (HSL) are a group of women who at one time lived in a share household in Collingwood, and still draw much inspiration from this household, including their love of food, dinner parties, domestic landscapes and sense of community.

They use art to combine innovation and contemporary critique with nostalgic or familiar elements that are accessible to a wide audience. As well as their books, sculpture and work in other media, The Hotham Street Ladies create installations made from edible materials including icing and fondant.

Artist Anna Farago

Anna Farago

Anna Farago investigates feminist art making traditions including patchwork, embroidery, quilting, natural dyeing, stitched and screen-printed text within a contemporary art practice.
She embraces fluid and performative approaches to textiles, including collaborations with other artists and communities. Her works are intimately tied to place, memory and story-telling.


Photos and Films by Singing Bowl Media.

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Framed By Gender
Framed By Gender
Framed By Gender
Framed By Gender
Framed By Gender
Framed By Gender
Framed By Gender
Framed By Gender
Framed By Gender
Framed By Gender

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