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ICT Governance Committee

The ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Governance Committee advises on large-scale IT (Information Technology) projects at Knox City Council.

Committee objectives

The ICT Governance Committee guides and monitors heavily funded IT projects.  It focuses on investment in updated or new IT programs and resources.

The Committee operates under AS/NZS 8016:2013 (Governance of IT-enabled Projects) guidelines.

Councillor members

Council appoints Councillors to take part in the Committee.

There are also three independent members with experience in the ICT industry and/or governance.

Current Committee Councillors

The current Councillors are:

  • Mayor Lisa Cooper
  • Cr Darren Pearce
  • Cr Yvonne Allred.


The Committee meets a maximum of six times per annum.  A schedule of meetings is agreed upon by the members at the first meeting each year.

The Committee operates alongside a Terms of Reference

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