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Knox Central Advisory Committee

The Knox Central Advisory Committee advises Knox City Council on the Knox Central Precinct.

It's made up of current Councillors, Council officers and sometimes external specialists.

Committee objectives

The Committee's objectives are to provide recommendations on:

  • on all areas of the Knox Central Program
  • Knox Central partnerships, major projects, transactions, stakeholder management, finance and investment
  • fair governance and risk management processes
  • communication between key investors, stakeholders and the community.

Councillor members

Council appoints five Councillors to take part in the Committee.

They offer support in a range of areas, including delegated authority and advocacy.

Current Committee Councillors

The current Councillors are:

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  • ***

Council officers

The Knox City Council CEO nominates officers to provide advice and support to the Committee.

External specialists

Sometimes Council may assemble a panel of external specialist experts.

They attend on a case-by-case basis and do not form part of the Committee membership.


Meetings take place quarterly. The Committee operates alongside a Terms of Reference.

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