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Parking Your Vehicle in Knox

Parking Rules

Council is one of the authorities that administers the Victorian Road Safety Road Rules 2017.

A comprehensive set of parking rules can be found on the VicRoads website.

Common Issues in Knox

Loading Zones

Loading zones are authorised parking spaces for use by specific types of vehicles which are engaged in picking up or setting down passengers or goods on behalf of a company or business. They are not intended for the short-term parking of private vehicles. Loading Zones are unable to be used for vehicles transporting or dropping off a person with a Parking Permit for People with Disabilities.

Courier vehicles and delivery vehicles are defined in the Road Rules and must have signs displayed on them in a specific manner.

Parking Signs

Some parking signs can be up to 75 metres apart and motorists will not always be able to see the applicable sign from where their car is parked. If you can’t see a parking sign, don’t assume that the area has unrestricted parking. The onus is on you as the driver to locate the sign along a length of road, carefully read the sign and comply with the information contained on it every time you park. In some cases, this involves walking closer to the sign to read it.

You still need to check the parking restrictions that apply to an area even if you’re familiar with the restrictions (for example, if you live in the area or park there regularly). Where required, parking signs can change immediately and without any notice.

Underestimating the time required

There are a large number of workplaces, shopping centres and medical facilities locates within the City of Knox.

Whilst we appreciate that business meetings can run overtime and medical practitioners can regularly run behind schedule, delays of this nature can be reasonably anticipated so motorists need to allow extra time when visiting Knox for these reasons.

School Areas

Council has a zero tolerance policy for parking offences occurring in or around school areas. This includes any situation where you stop your vehicle illegally, even for just a moment.

View your parking fine online

You can view your parking infringement online details including any photos that may have been taken. You will need your infringement notice number and vehicle registration number. This information can help you decide on what action to take to resolve your fine.

What can I do if I disagree with a parking fine?

You may request a review of your infringement. For further information, visit Requesting a Review of Your Infringement Notice.

How is an internal review of a parking fine conducted?

When undertaking reviews of parking fines, the City of Knox takes into account all of the available information, including:

  • Information collected by the parking officer who issued the notice
  • Photographs taken by the officer (there is no legislative requirement for an officer to take photographs to support a parking fine, but most officers take photographs in the course of their work)
  • Information provided by the applicant in their request for internal review (and any supporting documentation)
  • Road Safety Road Rules 2017 requirements
  • Relevant provisions under the Victorian Infringements Act 2006 guiding the internal review of infringement notices.
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