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Rowville Rail

The Rowville Rail was first proposed in the Melbourne Transport Plan of 1969. It was subsequently studied again as part of the Scoresby Transport Corridor Environmental Effects Study (EES) in 1998. However it was not part of the works which were ultimately completed as part of the EastLink project.

Knox City Council prepared a pre feasibility study in 2004 which showed that a rail line was feasible.

Following several years of advocacy by Knox City Council and the Eastern Transport Coalition, a commitment was made and enacted upon by the Baillieu State Government to undertake a full feasibility study on a rail line to Rowville.

Rail Route

The Rowville Rail line would be a twin set of dedicated tracks that would separate from the Dandenong line at Huntingdale Station. The alignment would mainly follow the central median of North and Wellington Roads from Huntingdale Station to Stud Road. Four new stations would be provided at Monash University, Mulgrave, Waverley Park and Rowville.

Feasibility Study

Stage One of the Rowville Rail Study (released on 9 March 2012) recommended that consideration for building the Rowville Rail line should be pursued further. The report suggests that before a rail line to Rowville can be built, capacity improvements are required to the Dandenong rail corridor and the Melbourne Metro rail project must be built.

A copy of the Executive Summary of the Stage One report is available on the Public Transport Victoria website.

Download the Stage One Final Report Executive Summary

Download the Stage One Final Report Executive Summary (RTF)

Alternatively download a scanned copy of the full Rowville Rail Study Stage One Final Report.

Stage Two of the Rowville Rail Study (released 12 June 2014) responds to the recommendations from the Stage One report and identified some interim improvements to public transport. A copy of the Stage Two report is available on the Public Transport Victoria website:

Download the Rowville Rail Study Stage Two Report

Current Status

Knox City Council will continue to advocate for the Rowville Rail project to be expedited.

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