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Find the latest information about COVID-19 restrictions and Council services.

Temporary COVID-19 Outdoor Dining Permits

We’ve created a free and fast-tracked process for COVID-19 outdoor dining permits.

Council can provide outdoor dining permits for existing food premises to operate safely on public land.

Our temporary COVID-19 Outdoor Dining Permits allow hospitality venues to:

  • expand onto footpaths
  • take over on-street car parking space immediately outside their business
  • join with neighbouring hospitality businesses to take over sections of on-street car parking, footpaths and (in some cases) street space
  • help hospitality businesses cater to more customers
  • assist venues to operate within Victorian Government health restrictions.

Apply for a outdoor dining permit

Before you apply

You will need the following to support your application:

  • confirmation that your business has a COVID-19 safe plan
  • copy of your public liability insurance certificate of currency for $20 million that must list Knox City Council as an interested party from your insurance company
  • details about the furniture, screens, heaters, planters and any other items proposed for the outdoor trading area
  • site plan (existing conditions and proposed outdoor trading area showing the proposed furniture, infrastructure or any other items, at a scale of 1:100 and/or showing the dimensions of the space of outdoor dining being proposed in your application)
  • written consent from neighbouring business that are affected by your proposal
  • any photos or images of site or supporting documents for your application. 
Serving Alcohol Outdoors

If you plan to serve alcohol in new or expanded outdoor areas, either on public or private land, you will need to apply for a liquor licence separately through the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR).

If your outdoor dining premises is on public land, you will need a COVID-19 Outdoor Dining Permit from Council before you can apply for your liquor licence.


Eligibility will be assessed against COVID-19 Outdoor Dining Guidelines.

Download COVID-19 Outdoor Dining Guidelines

You will need to consider the following criteria.


Outdoor dining areas must have:

  • furniture
  • infrastructure
  • safety features
  • clear lines of sight through the public place and streets.

Site specific conditions

Outdoor dining should not compromise existing street uses or public infrastructure such as bins, hydrants, parking meters or bicycle hoops. COVID-19 restrictions

Outdoor dining areas must follow the Victorian Government rules including:

  • social distancing
  • COVID-19 hygiene practices
  • maximum number of seated patrons at a time. 

You will also require a COVID-19 safe plan


Outdoor dining should not obstruct required access for essential vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and allow for disabled access.


Outdoor dining should consider surrounding traffic conditions including speed limits, separation from traffic, intersections, visibility of signs. You must ensure that that drivers and cyclist have a clear sight at all times.

Conditions for outdoor dining permits

• Permits only apply to outdoor dining on Council land and is not for activities occurring on private land.

• Permits are valid until 31 August 2021.

• Permit conditions are temporary and may be subject to early variation due to safety, changes to COVID-19 restrictions and conditional on continued consent from other affected businesses.

• Council may refuse or terminate a permit if a business has unaddressed compliance issues. 

Need help?

Email for advice and information about your COVID-19 Outdoor Dining Permit.

Or call 9298 8000 to discuss your plan.

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