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Sonia Zymantas – Involuntary Memories

Involuntary Memories is a series of text-based banner works exploring the subliminal language used in media and politics.

Harnessing advertising tactics, Involuntary Memories lures audiences with snappy catchphrases and bright colours. Involuntary Memories turns attention to the phrases embedded within our collective consciousness, asking us to question the political motives behind these messages.

Knox City Council · Immerse 2021 - Artist Interview - Sonia Zymantas

Location – The Basin Art Hub

The Basin Triangle, 1326 Mountain Hwy, The Basin


Sonia Zymantas is a multi-disciplinary artist and community arts worker who create projects that question social norms. She is from Melbourne and has a master’s degree in public art. Sonia has participated in multiple festivals and events including QVWC Make A Fuss exhibition and the Adelaide Fringe Festival. 




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