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Our Customer Strategy endorsed

On Monday 19 December, Council endorsed the Our Customer Strategy. The strategy is fundamental to delivering on the priorities set out in the Knox City Council and Community plans.

Mayor Cr Marcia Timmers-Leitch said this strategy describes the steps we will take to truly understand the needs and priorities of our customers, and continually measure our effectiveness in delivering services.

“Our vision is that our customers will be highly satisfied because we are easy to deal with, our services meet their needs and our people go the extra mile to help while balancing our community obligations,” Cr Timmers-Leitch said.

The strategy was developed following a rigorous research and consultation process with both customers and staff. Customer research for the strategy included a survey of 443 residents and a further 40 phone interviews with customers who had recent interactions with Council. The vision reflects what they said was important to them when dealing with Council.

“Council has a long and proud tradition of providing services to help our community thrive and prosper,” Cr Timmers-Leitch said.

“We have a responsibility enshrined in law to balance the needs of everyone to achieve the best outcomes for the community, including future generations.

“This includes ensuring the economic, social and environmental sustainability of Knox and the ongoing financial viability of Council.

“It means we may not be able to always give customers exactly what they want, as we balance these community obligations.

“For our part, we want to do the best thing for the community.

“When customers interact with Council, customers can expect that:

  • We care: we listen and take the time to understand them and what they need
  • We’re helpful: we’re easy to deal with, professional and focused on clear, practical outcomes
  • We’re fair: we work to meet their needs, while balancing our community obligations
  • We’re knowledgeable: we’ll let them know what we can do to help and help them anticipate what else they might need
  • We’re accountable: we’ll guide them through the next steps, always follow through and work with our colleagues to keep the customer informed of our progress

These are our five customer promises.

“The Our Customer Strategy will also ensure that customers will have a better experience of Council by:

  • Making it easier for customers to access information and services
  • Providing more support with complex enquiries and complaints
  • Expanding our digital service offerings

“Customers who wish to speak with someone will still be able to call or visit Council to discuss their matter,” Cr Timmers-Leitch said.

See our website for more detail about Our Customer Strategy 

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