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Give cyclists some space

Our research shows that 97% of households in Knox owns at least one bike and 95% of those who ride regularly do so for recreation. It’s great for families to get out and exercise together or for teens to explore their local area but we want them to be safe when they travel along or cross our roads.

A new state government law has been introduced to give cyclists more space to ride safely on the roads. Drivers are required to slow down when passing cyclists and depending upon your car’s speed, make the following space allowance as you pass the cyclist:

  • Under 60km/hr you must allow a minimum of 1 metre clearance when passing
  • Over 60kms/hr you must allow a minimum of 1.5 metre clearance when passing

So, when you’re driving please remember to abide by these new laws when you pass a cyclist. Please refer to the TAC website for more details

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