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Join the Knox Op-Shop Trail

Make the shift to thrift this October!

We are running the very first Op-Shop Trail to encourage you to consider buying second-hand rather than new and check out what's in your local Op-Shops. There are 19 participating stores across Knox to explore.

Did you know that the average Australian throws out 23kg of textile waste into landfill each year and then goes and purchases another 27kg? Australians are the second largest consumer of textiles per person in the world after the United States.  

To make just one cotton shirt takes up to 2,700 litres of water (which is enough for a person to live on for 2.5 years). Textiles are the most carbon-intensive materials on a per tonne basis to be produced. Tackling textile waste not only reduces space in landfill and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2021, Victorian charity shops diverted around 242,800 tonnes of waste from going to landfill and raised $232 Million in revenue towards social good and created 1,268 jobs. Making the shift to thrift just makes sense for our environment plus you can reuse and recycle some great clothes or household items.

To get on board the Knox Op-Shop Trail and receive your trail kit register online or call Anouk from our Waste Education team on 9837 9659.

The trail runs for the entire month of October.  Get a stamp each time you visit a participating store. You don’t have to actually buy anything from each Op-Shop to get your competition form stamped. The more stamps you get, the more entries you have to win one of five $50 Salvation Army Op-Shop vouchers.

Make the shift to thrift this October.

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