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Look out for art in unexpected places!

For many people, a trip to an art gallery can be an intimidating experience. But Immerse, Knox’s public art festival, aims to break that barrier and offer thought-provoking installations, sculptures, and projections that can be experienced while walking through the local area.  

Throughout November and December, Immerse will be offering unexpected encounters for those of us missing the arts as well as people who might not often find themselves in a museum. 

Like many public events, Immerse has had to adapt to the impacts of the pandemic. This year’s festival has been reimagined as a hybrid experience of both digital and outdoor experiences. Kim De Krester, Artistic Director of Immerse 2021 who works closely with Council’s Arts and Cultural Services team, says that COVID-19 has also inspired ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. 

“In some ways, COVID restrictions has been a fantastic opportunity for us,” says Kim. “We really had to rethink how we can engage audiences.” 

This year’s festival features audio tours showcasing fascinating conversations with Immerse artists that audiences can experience via their own headphones.  

 According to Kim, Immerse is also an opportunity to celebrate the commitment to the arts across the city, especially in a time when so many creatives have had little to no opportunity to work and showcase their talents. 

“What’s wonderful about Knox is its incredible arts community,” Kim says. “The audience at Knox are phenomenally receptive and engaged." 

Works will appear in various locations around Knox throughout November and December. 

 Experience the artworks and learn more about the festival.

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