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My Energy and Water Saver Kits

Measuring your energy and water use at home, will help you identify where you can reduce usage to lower your bills. Borrow the My Energy and Water Saver Kit from your local library today.

We worked in partnership with Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Council to develop these kits for our community. These kits are designed to improve energy efficiency around the home, and help households reduce emissions to tackle climate change.

A total of 3 kits are available for loan through the Eastern Regional Libraries network.

Each kit comprises of the following items:

  • thermal imaging camera
  • power meter
  • stopwatch
  • thermometer
  • Energy Freedom Home Book
  • CSIRO Home Energy Saving Handbook
  • instruction guide

The easy-to-use kits come with a step by step guide to help you check for water leaks, inefficient fixtures, high energy use items, costly energy consumption behaviours, and building design flaws such as gaps. With this information, you will be able to take action to improve energy and water efficiency around the home, and benefit from cost savings on your bills.

Knox households account for 18% of total greenhouse emissions in our community. As part of our Climate Response Plan 2021-2031, we are providing a range of programs to help our community to lower emissions and reach net zero by 2040.

Start saving and visit your local library to loan a kit for your home.

Learn more about our residential sustainability programs on our Energy efficiency and greenhouse emissions web page.

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