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New recycled mix for footpaths

We are excited to be trialling recycled soft plastics as a key ingredient in our footpath mix. This new component uses approximately 95% REDCycle soft plastics, with the remaining 5% using other recycled materials to ensure maximum performance which is then added to the concrete mix.  This new recycled component replaces up to 10% of the traditional mineral aggregate in the concrete.

So for example, 20kgs of the new product, Polyrok, is used per 1m3 of concrete. In 20kgs of Polyrok, there will be approximately 19kgs of soft plastic. Using the standard weight of the plastic bag, which is 4 grams, this equates to approximately 4,750 pieces of soft plastic that have been diverted from landfill.  

In Knox the standard footpath is 1.5m wide.  Therefore, in each 100m section of footpath (1.5m wide and 100m thick) that uses Polyrok there is 15m3 of concrete which contains approximately 71,250 pieces of soft plastic.

We have successfully trialled it in our new footpaths along Bergins Road, Rowville. It will be also be used for new footpaths along Napoleon Road and Burwood Highway, and hopefully more projects in the future.

We are excited to introduce recycled products into our roads and pavement programs as part of our commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

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