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Relief for energy costs

The Victorian Government is offering a one-off $250 payment for residents receiving concession benefits to assist with rising living costs.

The Power Saving Bonus program aims to provide relief to households experiencing bill stress due to the pandemic.

Residents who meet the following eligibility can apply for the payment:

  1. be a Victorian residential energy consumer (i.e. have a residential electricity account)
  2. receive one of the following concession benefits: 
  • Centrelink Pension Concession Card
  • Job Seeker, Youth Allowance, Abstudy or Austudy
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Pensioner Concession Card
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Card

Applications for the payment close 30 June 2022.

Further information, including the application process is available on the Victorian Energy Compare website.

Australian Energy Foundation

Knox residents can receive free energy saving advice from the Australian Energy Foundation (AEF). Their energy advisors can provide guidance and tips on effective ways to lower your energy costs and carbon footprint.

Book a free consultation by calling 1300 23 68 55, or visit the AEF website.

This initiative is supported by our Climate Response Plan 2021-2031, which aims to reduce greenhouse emissions in our community to net zero by 2040.

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