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Safety requirements for portable pools and spas

If you are planning to set up a portable pool or spa in your backyard for summer, there are important safety requirements you need to follow.

Under the Victorian Government safety standards, portable pools and spas containing a water depth of more than 30cm require compliant safety barriers to be installed. This includes bathing, wading and inflatable pools.

The safety standards also require portable pools and spas to be registered with Council if they are erected for 3 or more consecutive days. If your portable pool or spa remains in place for 30 days, you will need to obtain and lodge a Certificate of Pool Barrier Compliance with us as well.

The Victorian Government introduced the pool and spa barrier safety requirements to save lives from accidental drownings. Portable pools and spas have the same drowning risk as permanent pools and spas.

According to Life Saving Victoria, home pools are responsible for 40 per cent of drowning deaths in children under four. Non-compliant barriers are the biggest cause of accidental deaths of children in home pools.

Children’s paddling pools that hold less than 30cm of water do not require a pool safety barrier. After use, it is important that you empty out the water for safety and hygiene purposes. It only takes 3cm of water to cause an accidental drowning of a young child.

Remember to always ensure an adult is available to supervise children in playing in water at all times.

Further information about portable pool safety requirements is available on our Swimming pools and spas webpage.

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