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Taking care of yourself

Many people may feel drained, anxious or frustrated by the reinstatement of five reasons for leaving home.

During times of uncertainty, we need to remember to check in on ourselves and find ways to actively manage our health and wellbeing. Here are some of handy tips for managing your health when things gets disrupted...

Move in nature

Spending time being physically active in nature is not only good for our physical health, but our mental health too. Why not find a walking track in your 5km, go for a bike ride or kick a ball down at your local park? There are so many wonderful open spaces in Knox to explore, you might discover somewhere new.

Connect with others

Just because we’re physically distant from each other doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected. While we may be a bit over all the zoom catch ups at this point, other ways to stay connected may be calling a friend while cooking dinner, or going for a socially distanced walk.

Keep a routine

This doesn’t have to look like your normal routine, but try to give your day a little bit of structure. This might be as simple as waking up, going for a walk and making breakfast each day.

Get in the kitchen

More time at home can mean more time to cook a yummy, healthy meal. It’s a good opportunity to get creative and try a new recipe. Why not try and create a meal with a new vegetable you haven’t eaten before? Whilst eating plenty of fruit and veggies is good for our physical health, it is also great for our mood and mental health too.

Take time to switch off

While it’s important to stay informed, try not to constantly refresh the news as this may make you anxious, angry or stressed. Find something else to occupy your time! Take up a new hobby, or do something you used to enjoy such as getting out and gardening, doing a drawing class on YouTube or reading that book you’ve had next to your bed for months.

Don’t forget that if you or someone you know needs a little extra support, there is help available.

For information on support services in Knox, visit

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