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Landscaping Plans and Guidelines

Landscaping Plan Guidelines have been prepared to assist developers and designers in the preparation of landscape plans.

Why do you need to submit landscape plans?

Knox City Council is committed to protecting its green leafy image and enhance its identity as a gateway to the Dandenong Ranges. New developments have an impact on neighbouring properties and the visual amenity of streets. Landscape plans should reflect streetscape character, ensure retention of canopy trees within neighbourhoods and improve the visual amenity of properties to reduce the impact of developments.

If you have any questions regarding the preparation of your landscape plans, contact our Landscape Assessment Officer on 9298 8125.

When do you need to submit Landscape Plans?

All Planning Permits issued for industrial, commercial, special residential and unit developments require landscaping plans to be submitted to and approved by the Responsible Authority (Council).

A conceptual Landscape Plan is to be submitted with the town planning application. If a Planning Permit is issued for your development, it will require detailed Landscaping Plans to be submitted and approved by Council before development commences. The construction of the landscape works must be completed before the buildings are occupied. Council’s Planning Services Unit must carry out a final inspection before the work is considered to be complete.

Who should prepare the landscape plans?

Landscape Plans submitted to Council are to be prepared by a suitably qualified Landscape Architect or suitably qualified Landscape Designer who is familiar with council’s requirements for the town planning process. The designer should be skilled in landscape design, horticulture, landscape documentation and construction practice.

Landscape Plan Guidelines

  • Checklist for landscape designs.
  • Tree and remnant vegetation protection information.
  • Environmental weed list for the City of Knox.
  • Details and technical notes.
  • Recommended plant species for the City of Knox.

Need Help?

If you have questions, you can contact us on 9298 8125 or alternatively, you can lodge a request below and a staff member will get back to you.

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