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Boronia Renewal Project

The draft Boronia Renewal Strategy 2019 and draft Planning Scheme Amendment (C178knox) were endorsed by Council at the 26 August 2019 Council Meeting for public exhibition. Subject to community feedback and ultimately Council adoption, this strategy will supersede the Boronia Structure Plan 2006, including as a reference document in the Knox Planning Scheme.

The strategy will act as the strategic foundation for Planning Scheme Amendment C178knox which will revise the planning controls for the Boronia Activity Centre. Officers will write to the Minister for Planning seeking authorisation to prepare and exhibit Planning Scheme Amendment C178knox shortly. Subject to receiving authorisation place Planning Scheme Amendment C178knox on public exhibition for a period of at least one calendar month.

View the Boronia Renewal Strategy and Background Reports below.

Our vision for Boronia

A connected and resilient place that values its history and environment, and embraces its forward- thinking community to realise its potential for future generations.

Key directions

Stage one of the Boronia Renewal Project is now complete and a Key Directions Report was presented and adopted by Council at the 23 April 2018 Council Meeting.

Read the full report via the link below.

The key directions for the Renewal Strategy are to:

  • Reinforce a strong Boronia local economy and local job opportunities, enhanced by business expansion and diversification, particularly in the health, business services and retail sectors, emerging social enterprises, and arts and creative industries.
  • Establish a true mixed use Centre that meets community needs, and provides a vibrant centre with housing component at appropriate locations and densities to meet population needs.
  • Establish high quality sustainable urban design that respects the character and retains the key views to the Dandenong Ranges National.
  • Define Boronia as a convenient, safe, accessible, and connected place for pedestrian and cyclists, as well as a vibrant transport hub.
  • Retain high quality public realm that support and enhance Boronia’s identity as a town in a garden nestled at the base of the foothills, with public spaces connected with a leafy and green network.
  • Create high quality public spaces that encourages residents, and visitors to gather outdoors for a variety of activities.
  • Provide the facilities needed to support a network of health, education, cultural, and recreation services that are accessible, adaptable, and sustainable in response to the community’s needs.

257 Dorset Rd, Boronia

Council wishes to advice that the temporary open space at 257 Dorset Road Boronia is now open to the public, and will provide improved pedestrian access to Boronia Train Station.

The long-term use of the site has not yet been determined. In the meantime, Council will engage with the local community to gain input on how the temporary open space can be utilised.

More information

Community Engagement Report

On August 26, 2019 the Boronia Renewal Strategy Community Engagement Report was endorsed by Council.

Information in this report will be used to inform the Draft Boronia Renewal Strategy.

Read the report

More information

If you have any questions in relation to this project, please call 9298 8000 or email boroniarenewal@knox.vic.gov.au

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