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Boronia Rd East

Boronia Renewal Project

Boronia is changing and Knox City Council wants your ideas for future planning.

Council has commenced a process to renew the Boronia Activity Centre. This includes reviewing the 10 year old Boronia Structure Plan and reviewing built form, social, economic and environmental issues, as well as examining the future options for Council’s aging infrastructure and how community services can be better delivered.

Council is committed to providing a safe and secure space, within both a natural and built environment, with a strong regional economy, local employment and learning opportunities.

The project aims to produce a number of new guiding documents including:

  • Key Directions Report
  • Boronia Strategic Community Plan
  • Boronia Park Civic Concept Plan

Boronia car parking survey - now open

Council is currently conducting a Movement and Access Study as part of the Boronia Renewal Project. The issues of access to certain parts of the centre, difficulty for pedestrians crossing busy roads and car parking have been identified through the Community consultation to date. We want to draw on your local knowledge and experiences to get a better understanding of hotspots in Boronia.

This survey is an opportunity to give us your views on parking in Boronia. Survey closes 5pm Monday 30 April.

Start Survey

Community workshop series - update

Following the Community Conversations and community survey conducted late 2017, a series of targeted workshops were conducted in early 2018 to start the process of gathering people’s ideas for Boronia.

Representatives from local traders and businesses, State Government agencies with an interest in the area and a range of community groups, sporting clubs and service organisations took part in the workshops and gave us some fantastic feedback and ideas.

Information from these workshops, along with data from the survey summary report will be considered by Council and will be used to inform the development of a Renewal Strategy for Boronia.

Participants in the Boronia Renewal workshops
Participants in the Boronia Renewal workshops
Participants in teh Boronia Renewal workshops
Images from the Boronia Renewal workshops

Boronia Community Conversations - report now available

Council has recently released the detailed report summarising the results of the Community Conversations and the 'Have your say' survey conducted later 2017. We received more than 525 responses that generated more than 3600 ideas about Boronia. This broad range of suggestions came from people of all walks of life and is an excellent result. The survey information will provide Council with an excellent start and a sound basis to develop a future Boronia that the Community would like to see.

Some of the feedback included what people liked most about Boronia, such as being close to the hills and the access to parks and open space. People also felt, however, that in some areas the benefits of living in Boronia were changing and that the need to retain the open green spaces was even more important with the new housing developments in the area. Key areas of concern centred mainly on town centre and carparking within that centre.

View the full report for more information

More information

If you have any questions in relation to this project, please call 9298 8000 or email boroniarenewal@knox.vic.gov.au

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View of Boronia in 1950
Boronia then
2010 view of Boronia
Boronia now

Boronia Structure Plan 2006

The Boronia Structure Plan was adopted by Council in October 2006 after extensive community consultation. The plan contains initiatives to improve land use mix, built form, economic sustainability, accessibility, public open space and the well being of the Boronia Community. The Boronia Structure Plan can be downloaded via the links below.

Please note the March 2012 Addendum to the Boronia Structure Plan March 2012 replaces the Built Form (Building Height) Framework (Figure 7) between pages 20 and 21.

Key land use and development objectives of the Boronia Structure Plan are included in the following sections of the Knox Planning Scheme.

  • Clause 22.06 Boronia Major Activity Centre Local Policy; and
  • Schedule 7 to Clause 43.02 – Design and Development Overlay

Amendment C133 was approved by the Minister for Planning in December 2015. This amendment made changes to the relevant sections of the Knox Planning Scheme in order to provide clearer guidance on use and development of land, particularly relating to residential development, within the Boronia Major Activity Centre.

The Minister for Planning approved these changes to the Knox Planning Scheme on an interim basis, with an expiry date of 15 December 2019. This will allow Council to undertake a strategic review of the Boronia Structure Plan and related planning controls.

If you require any additional information regarding the Boronia Structure Plan please contact Strategic Planning on 9298 8000 or email psamendments@knox.vic.gov.au.

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