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Burning Off

An owner or occupier of land must not light a fire in the open air without a permit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use?

You can use a barbeque for the purpose of cooking food for human consumption. You can also use a brazier or a chiminea for the purposes of heating. You must ensure that there is no nuisance caused by the emission of smoke, soot, ash or odours.

Can I have an incinerator?

No, you can't. An owner or occupier of land must not construct, erect, install, use or permit to be used an incinerator on any land.

Can I apply for a permit to burn?

Yes - you can apply for a permit to burn. Permits are only issued for genuine fire hazard reduction purposes and when there is no other practical way to dispose of the material. The material to be burned is to consist of tree branches, leaves and fine fuel only.

An application form and fee is required. Currently this fee is $62 (non-refundable if the permit is refused) for properties located outside of the Bushfire Management Overlay, and no fee for properties within the Bushfire Management Overlay.

Prior to the permit being issued, your property will be inspected by a Municipal Fire Prevention Officer (MFPO) to identify where you plan to burn, the length of time required to undertake the burn and what material is to be burned.

Application for a permit to burn

Once a permit has been issued you will be required to ensure that:

  • No green or wet material is to be burned.
  • The material to be burned is in an area designated by the MFPO.
  • Neighbours of adjoining properties are notified prior to the burn.
  • VicFire (1800 668 511) are to be notified at least 24 hours prior to burn.
  • The burn can be conducted safely, with a responsible adult in attendance at all times the fire is alight.
  • The burn is to occur during daylight hours only.
  • An adequate water supply is to be available on site at all times.
  • No toxic materials (e.g. rubber, plastic, oil, paint, chemicals) or other substance likely to cause a nuisance are burnt.
  • Any other conditions stated on the permit are complied with.

Can I be fined for burning off without a permit?

Yes you can. Anyone who burns off without a valid Council permit may receive a fine. An infringement notice for burning off without a permit is $500.00. The maximum penalty for the offence can however be $2,000. If the CFA is required to attend also you may incur additional fees.

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