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Graffiti removal

What can I do about Graffiti?

Graffiti is any form of drawing, writing, etching or marking on property without the property owners' permission. Graffiti without permission is a crime and it negatively impacts on perceptions of safety within our community.

Quick Removal

Removal of the graffiti within 24 hours is the most effective way to stop it. The marker or paint is also easier to remove when cleaned immediately. Remember: graffiti attracts more graffiti. Download our 'How to Remove Graffiti' flyer below.

How can I help?

Get active: Every resident and business owner/occupier is responsible for removal of graffiti from their property.
Remove graffiti: How do I remove graffiti?

  • Paint Out - discount paint vouchers available from Council.
  • High-pressure water spray (e.g. a Gerni).
  • Cleaning with removal kits available free of charge from Council.
  • Professional cleaners.

What can I do to minimise graffiti?

  • Plant trees and shrubs along exposed fences and walls
  • Paint your fence in a dark colour
  • Protective coatings on surfaces such as glass, signage, outdoor furniture, etc.
  • Installation of lighting in ‘hotspots’
  • Consider a mural wall
  • Be a good neighbour and watch out for your neighbourhood, and
  • Report graffiti to Police

Reporting Graffiti to Police

If the graffiti is currently occurring, call Victoria Police on 000 or contact the following local Police Stations:

  • Boronia Police: 9760 6600
  • Knox Police: 9881 7000
  • Rowville Police: 9764 0996

How to Report Graffiti to Council

You can report graffiti in two ways:
1. Report graffiti online or
2. Call Council on 9298 8000.

When reporting graffiti to Council please include street address, date, and digital photographs (if possible) to assist the police investigate thoroughly.

How can Council assist you?

  • Discounted paint vouchers
  • Free Graffiti Removal Kits, and
  • Graffiti removal and prevention advice.

For further information, please contact the Community Safety Officer on 9298 8000.

To report graffiti on other infrastructure, please contact:

Location Organisation Contact number
Payphones Telstra 1300 368 387
Street light poles SP Ausnet 1300 360 795
Post boxes Australia Post 13 13 18
Traffic signal boxes VicRoads 13 11 70
Rail property Metro Trains 1800 800 007
Glass bus shelters AdShel 1800 501 402
Council property Knox Council 9298 8000

For further information

Please contact Council on 9298 8000 or email

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