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Hard Rubbish

Hard Waste

Organising a hard waste collection

Every home can book 2 hard waste collections each financial year.

Step 1: Book your collection

Book a hard waste collection or call 9298 8000.

Putting hard waste out the front of your home without a booking is illegal.

Council will send a confirmation and sticker for your pile of rubbish. If this does not arrive, your collection will still go ahead.

If you book your collection by midnight on Wednesday, your hard rubbish will be collected the next week.

Booked collections cannot be cancelled or changed.

Consider other uses for your hard rubbish. Can items be recycled or donated to charity?

Step 2: Put out your hard waste

Put your hard waste in a neat pile the weekend before your collection week. If it’s not out in time, then you’ll miss your collection and have to order a second one.

Check the lists below to make sure all your items can be put out for collection.

For most residents, the collection point will be the naturestrip directly outside your property.

Place the booked sticker in a prominent position on the pile of hard waste.

Step 3: Collection

Your hard waste will be collected using different collection trucks during your allocated week.

Any uncollected material must be removed after the allocated collection week. You have a week to remove uncollected items.

What you CAN put out for collection

  • Home appliances and whitegoods (doors removed for safety)
  • Empty paint tins, drums and tanks with lids removed
  • Roofing iron and guttering (max 1.5m long)
  • Metal tools and equipment
  • Furniture
  • Carpet - rolled and tied (max 1.5m long)
  • Mattresses and bed bases (limit of 2 total)
  • Pottery and ceramics
  • Sheet glass -securely wrapped and labelled for safety
  • Timber (max 10 pieces, max 1.5m long & max 30kg in weight)
  • Tree stumps (max 1.5m long & 30kg in weight)

You must not put out anything that weighs more than 30kg and no longer than 1.5m (except mattresses and whitegoods).

Put smaller items in non-returnable boxes.

What you CAN'T put out for collection

  • building, demolition or renovation materials
  • asbestos, oil, paint, batteries, liquids, chemical or hazardous waste
  • gas bottles, fuel containers, Gyprock, cement sheet or plaster
  • soil, bricks, concrete, sand, dirt, rubble or roof or ceramic tiles
  • gates, fencing, trellis or pallets
  • tyres, or car parts of any kind
  • green waste, except tree stumps (max 1.5m long and 30kg in weight)
  • household rubbish or recyclables
  • commercial waste
  • Any individual item that weighs more than 30kg and is longer than 1.5m (except mattresses and whitegoods).

How to dispose of items NOT accepted by our hard waste collection

Missed hard waste collection

Missed collections must be reported within 1 week of the allocated collection week.

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