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Amendment C176 - Waterford Valley Residential Aged Care Facility

Planning Scheme Amendment C176 is currently on public exhibition.

Amendment C176 applies to 145 and 153 Bunjil Way, Knoxfield and seeks to amend the Knox Planning Scheme to enable the consideration of a ‘Residential aged care facility’ with associated uses at the subject site.

Submission may be received by no later than 5pm Monday 19 August 2019.

More Information

Building and Road Asset Management Plans 2019

To ensure the responsible management of local road and building assets, Council regularly reviews its Road and Building Asset Management Plans.

These plans provide guidelines that help Council to assess the condition of Council infrastructure, how it is performing, and how we can best meet community expectations - now and in the future. This requires Council to strike a balance between the standards we expect our infrastructure to meet, and our budget.

The Draft plans are now available for review and community feedback.

Road Asset Management Plan

There are over 700km of Council owned roads in Knox. The draft Road Asset Management Plan 2019 introduces improved road assessment criteria, which will help us better prioritise road works.

Building Asset Management Plan

Council manages more than 250 buildings offering a wide range of services – for example sporting pavilions, libraries and Children and Family Centres. The draft Building Asset Management Plan 2019 examines how we can use data to manage Council’s buildings, guide spending and get the most out of community facilities.

Comments or feedback concerning these plans or the standard of Council roads and buildings in general can be emailed to Asset.Strategy@knox.vic.gov.au until Wednesday 21 August.

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