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Land for Business

Current Status

Following the resolution of the 23 July 2018 Council Meeting, the Minister for Planning has appointed a Planning Panel to consider submissions to the Draft Knox Land for Business Directions Plan, July 2017 (Directions Plan) and proposed Amendment C164 to the Knox Planning Scheme.

Panel Hearing

The purpose of the Panel Hearing is to give submitters an opportunity to speak in support of their written submission and to hear from the Planning Authority (Knox City Council).

The public panel hearing for Amendment C164 is scheduled to commence at 1:30pm on Monday 8 October 2018 at the offices of Planning Panels Victoria.

The following documents have been made available in accordance with Panel Directions:

Following the hearing, Council will receive a report from the Panel with recommendations about how to proceed with Amendment C164. Council may then decide whether or not to adopt Amendment C164, or adopt the Amendment with changes. If adopted by Council, Amendment C164 only becomes part of the Knox Planning Scheme if and when it is approved by the Minister for Planning.

Directions Hearing

The Directions Hearing was held on Friday 7 September 2018 here at Knox City Council.

Draft Knox Land for Business Directions Plan, July 2017

You may inspect the Directions Plan (including the Directions and Actions Summary October 2017) and background reports via the following links:

More information about the draft Directions Plan can be found below.

Paper copy also available

If you can’t access the information online, a paper copy of all documents are available at:

  • Knox Civic Centre, Customer Service Building and Planning Counter
    511 Burwood Hwy, Wantirna South VIC 3152 (weekdays 8:30am to 5pm).

Amendment C164 to the Knox Planning Scheme

Submissions to theKnox Land for Business Directions Plan, July 2017 (Directions Plan) and proposed Amendment C164 to the Knox Planning Scheme is now off public exhibition as the submission period closed on 30 April 2018.

Submissions received have been reviewed and were considered by Council at the 23 July 2018 Council Meeting.the meeting agenda and minutes are available here or view a hardcopy at the Knox Civic Centre or local library branches.

The Amendment, any document that supports the Amendment and the Explanatory Report about the Amendment at the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning website. More information about proposed Amendment C164 can be found below.

What is the draft Knox Land for Business Directions Plan, July 2017?

Knox City Council is committed to a strong regional economy and local employment. A strong economy supports local employment opportunities and improves access to goods and services, while access to local jobs, goods and services has positive impacts on health, wellbeing and connection to the local community.

Having an appropriate supply of business land is an important component to supporting this goal.

The draft Knox Land for Business Directions Plan provides strategic directions regarding land requirements taking into account employment projections, current land supply, economic trends, drivers of change and planning policy. It includes strategic planning, investment support, business support and other recommendations.

It draws on and responds to the information and analysis included in the Land for Business Background report and supporting Technical Reports.

The proposed directions and actions identified in the draft Directions Plan have been designed to support for Knox the appropriate quantum, type and mix of business land to accommodate economic activity and growth over the next twenty years.

Eight directions are identified, each supported by a range of planning and economic development actions.

Proposed Directions

Understanding and monitoring the Knox Economy
1. Establish and maintain an ongoing evidence base to support economic and strategic planning/decision making.
2. Prepare and maintain a “Knox Economy Futures Statement” and associated implementation plan.

Protecting and strengthening the City’s ‘land for business’
3. Identify, retain and strengthen existing ‘Significant Business Locations’, including their ‘core employment land areas’.
4. Consolidate and diversify the role of existing activity and neighbourhood centres.
5. Accommodate projected employment and retail floor space growth in strategic locations.
6. Maintain an ongoing supply of ‘local’ employment land.
7. Update the local content of the Knox Planning Scheme to reflect Project’s findings, including the Directions and Actions.

Strategic investment and partnerships with key industries
8. Encourage growth in propulsive industries and in industries which leverage local opportunities and advantages.

Key land use and development directions and actions are shown on the summary map.

What is Amendment C164 to the Knox Planning Scheme?

It proposes to implement the land use and development findings of the draft Knox Land for Business Directions Plan, July 2017.

The amendment also updates economic and business land evidence, facts and figures and updates the scheme in relation to the current Community and Council Plan, corrects typographical errors and makes some minor revisions.

While all land in Knox is affected, it particularly applies to:

  • Land in a commercial or industrial zone
  • Land located in the area known as the Wantirna Health Precinct
  • Land located in an Activity Centre or Neighbourhood Centre
  • 1332 High Street Road, Wantirna South
  • Land located in the area known as Scoresby Industrial, Scoresby (southwest side of Ferntree Gully and Stud Roads, Scoresby)
  • Land located in the area known as Caribbean Park, Scoresby
  • The following Strategic Investigation Sites:
  • Wantirna Health (706,750, 750A and 760 Boronia Road and 251 Mountain Highway, Wantirna)
  • Bayswater Triangle
  • Mountain Gate Triangle
  • Boral Quarry (191 George Street, Wantirna South)
  • Waverley Golf Course (and adjoining sites on Stud Road)

Key elements of the proposed amendment are:

  • Identification of the five Significant Business Locations, including role, function and strategic direction detailed for each.
  • Updating evidence, facts and figures about the Knox economy.
  • Policy to protect core employment land in Scoresby-Rowville-Knoxfield and Bayswater Business Precinct from low employment/low economic output uses. This policy would seek to discourage land uses establishing in these specific areas that will undermine economic and employment generating capacity of the site or which does not directly support the significant business location it is located. Uses that this might discourage include leisure and recreation and place of assembly, including places of worship.
  • Identify further strategic work for Burwood Highway East Corridor.
  • Replacing the Scoresby-Rowville Employment Precinct and Industrial and Restricted Retail Sales Area Design local policies with a new Employment Land local policy. This policy would cover all Industrial and Commercial 2 Zoned land and would cover use, subdivision, access and connectivity, siting, landscaping, architectural quality, public space and the future business neighbourhood activity centre in Caribbean Park. The purpose of the policy is to give ongoing support to Knox’s employment land.
  • Revise the strategic framework maps to reflect the Directions Plan land use and development components. This would detail the five significant business locations, core and local employment locations, local tourism opportunities, the proposed Dorset Road extension and business land opportunities within strategic investigation sites (specifically Boral Quarry and Waverley Golf – Stud Road frontage).

More Information

Contact Council's City Futures team on 9298 8000 or email psamendments@knox.vic.gov.au

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