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Minor Grants Program

What are Minor Grants?

NOTE: The Minor Grants Program is suspended to the extent that any application received prior to the by-election, in the opinion of the Chief Executive Officer:

  • relates to an issue before the electorate in the by-election;
  • relates particularly to the Collier Ward; or
  • is likely to, or may be perceived to, influence voters or affect voting in the by-election;

A report will be presented to the Council Meeting on 29 April 2019 identifying any grant application that was deferred for consideration due to the above.

Council provides a rolling grants program that provides small, incidental funding to not for profit organisations that provide services, projects and programs that directly benefit residents of the City of Knox.

The Minor Grants program operates as a three tiered program whereby the maximum allowable grant is $1,500. Minor Grants over $1,000 must meet funding agreements requirements.

Application Amount Incorporated or Auspiced? Assessment & Determination Acquittal
Up to $500 No Assessed and determined by the CEO or delegate Proof of expenditure / purchase (i.e. receipt)
$501 to $1,000 Yes Assessed by the CEO or delegate. Determined by Council at the monthly ordinary meeting of Council Proof of expenditure / purchase (i.e. receipt)
$1,001 to $1,500 Yes Assessed by the CEO or delegate. Determined by Council at the monthly ordinary meeting of Council Funding Agreement & Acquittal required

How to apply for a Minor Grant

Applications must be in writing and completed on the relevant funding application form. All applications for funding must provide a demonstrated benefit to the Knox community and align with the objectives of the Community and Council Plan.

Apply Online

For applications to be considered at an Ordinary Meeting of Council the application must be received at least 10 days prior to the meeting date to provide sufficient time to assess the application.

Applications can be sent through to knoxcc@knox.vic.gov.au, or returned to our Customer Service Centre, or mailed to Knox City Council, 511 Burwood Hwy Wantirna South 3152.

Who cannot apply for a Minor Grant

  • Individual’s or profit-making businesses
  • Organisations that are not incorporated or auspices by an incorporated body
  • Organisations that have outstanding acquittal documentation with Council

Applications that may not be supported

  • Applications that are eligible for funding under another Council grant program
  • Applications for items which would normally be part of a reasonable operating budget for the organisation
  • Applications for a project run by political, spiritual or religious group seeking to promote their core beliefs
  • Applications that have been received after the event or item purchased
  • Fundraising or funding for prizes, sponsorship, donations or gifts

Acquittal Requirements

Successful applicants of grants up to $1,000 must provide proof of purchase/expenditure within 3 months of the expenditure or within 12 months from receipt of the grant, whichever is earlier.

Successful applicants of grants over $1,000 must enter into a written funding agreement with Council which will hold the organisation accountable for the delivery and financial acquittal of funded activity.

For any enquiries for the minor grants please contact Eleonore Smith, PA to Mayor & Councillors, on 9298 8000.

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