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Street tree maintenance

Street Tree Maintenance

When will trees in my street be pruned?

Large Eucalyptus tree

Council proactively inspects and prunes all street trees on a two year basis. The municipality is divided into zones with each zone being pruned at a specific time. Through this program, Council ensures that:

  • trees are clear of overhead electric wires.
  • pedestrians are safe to use footpaths without concern of low hanging branches.
  • traffic is safe to use the roadway without concern for low branches.
  • deadwood is removed from the tree.
  • juvenile trees are shaped.

Tree Pruning Zones in Knox

The following map shows the different tree pruning zones in Knox. Click the image to enlarge the map, or you can download the map PDF below.

A map of Knox showing the different tree pruning zones
A map of Knox showing the different tree pruning zones. Click to enlarge.

Tree Pruning Dates

Pruning zone Pruning period Pruning zone Pruning period Pruning zone Pruning period
Zone 1 Jul-17 Zone 14B Jul-16 Zone 24 Mar-17
Zone 2 Jul-17 Zone 14C Jul-16 Zone 25 Mar-17
Zone 3 Jul-17 Zone 14D Aug-16 Zone 26 Sep-16
Zone 4 Aug-17 Zone 14E Apr-17 Zone 27 Oct-16
Zone 5 Aug-17 Zone 15A Mar-18 Zone 28A Oct-16
Zone 6 Sep-17 Zone 15B Apr-18 Zone 28B Oct-16
Zone 7 Sep-17 Zone 16A Apr-18 Zone 29 Apr-17
Zone 8 Oct-17 Zone 16B May-18 Zone 30 May-17
Zone 9 Nov-17 Zone 17A Dec-16 Zone 31 Nov-16
Zone 10 Nov-17 Zone 17B Dec-16 Zone 32 Aug-16
Zone 11A Dec-17 Zone 18 Dec-16 Zone 33 Sep-16
Zone 11B Dec-17 Zone 19 Jan-17 Zone 34 Nov-16
Zone 11C Jan-18 Zone 20 Sep-16 Zone 35 Nov-16
Zone 12A Jan-18 Zone 21 Jan-17 Zone 36 Oct-17
Zone 12B Feb-18 Zone 22 Feb-17 Zone 37 May-17
Zone 13 Feb-18 Zone 23 Feb-17 Zone 38 Oct-16
Zone 14A Mar-18

Tree removals as a result of development

Any private tree enquiries should be directed to Council's Planning department on 9298 8000. Council's Parks department is responsible for the trees located on Council nature strips and property.

Council advocates for the retention of its trees and looks to alternatives in developments to ensure retention as identified in Council's Liveable Streets Policy. The Parks department carries out an assessment on the viability of a tree with focus placed on the tree's retention value to determine if it can be removed. Where trees are identified as a possible removal, street trees affected by developments will be given a monetary value using the valuation method developed by the City of Melbourne. The method has been developed for local conditions and is well suited to Council's street trees.

Nature strip tree removals as a result of development should be made through Council's Planning department as all Council permits and documentation need to be finalised prior to any works being carried out on Council trees.

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