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Planning Services are responsible for the administration of the Knox Planning Scheme, which includes the consideration of applications for planning permits and ensuring compliance with planning permits and controls.

The Knox Planning Scheme requires a planning permit to be obtained for many land uses and developments including more than one house on a site (multi-dwellings or units), industrial and commercial development, subdivision of land or buildings, and in some instances of tree removal and other matters.

Applications for planning permits are assessed against the controls, policies and guidelines set out in the Knox Planning Scheme and the relevant State Government legislation. A fee is required for most planning permit applications.

Planning Services can provide advice on the Knox Planning Scheme and planning controls. If you are considering a development or change of use within the City of Knox, please contact Planning Services to check if a planning permit is required.

NEW! Planning Applications currently being Advertised

Planning Applications that are currently being advertised can now be viewed through Council's online services. View Planning Applications on Advertising.

Pre-application requests now online

Pre-application advice can now be requested online through Council’s Online Services portal. You will need to be registered to use the service. More information on the Pre-application advice service.

Community Infrastructure Levy

Need to know if a Community Infrastructure Levy applies to your development project? Section 24 of the Building Act 1993 does not allow a building surveyor to issue a building permit for building work unless they are satisfied that the Community Infrastructure Levy has been paid. Within Knox, there are currently no Community Infrastructure Levies applicable.

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For more information about Planning in Knox, you can use the links at the bottom of this page.

You can also contact us on 9298 8125 or alternatively, you can lodge a request below and a staff member will get back to you.

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